Mary Ann Voorhies- Colorado Somatics Practitioner A Little Bit About Mary Ann Gray Voorhies and
How She Came to be a Somatics Practitioner

After an accident that left her severely incapacitated, Mary Ann discovered the healing power of Clinical Somatic Education. As a result of being restored to health by this wonderful modality, she has become devoted to bringing this "new" education to as many people as possible. Mary Ann became a Certified Clinical Somatic Educator in August, 2008 after a two-and-a-half-year training period. (Mary Ann's healing story can be found on the Testimonials page of this site.)

Mary Ann became a Certified Ontological Linguistic Life Coach-committed to assisting clients to overcome physical, mental, and emotional habits that interfere with optimal functioning in all areas of life. Coaching sessions are available upon request.

Inspired by her love for Clinical Somatics, Mary Ann has created a class that combines these elements and encompasses all aspects of our being. She has held ongoing classes, please contact her for current schedules.

Learn to become more supple, more coordinated, more graceful, more youthful, healthier and more free from physical discomfort and pain!
Mary Ann possesses lifelong passions for the study of Philosophy, Jungian Psychology, Somatic Philosophy, and spirituality. These have led her to live a life deeply committed to a holistic approach of nurturing others, so that they might reach their fullest potential.

In addition to being a Clinical Somatic Educator, Mary Ann holds several additional degrees and certifications:
  • Bachelor of Science degrees in Behavioral Science and Education
  • Certified Somatics Educator
  • Movement Psychology Certification
  • Certified Linguistic Ontological Coach
  • Registered Yoga Teacher
Mary Ann does private hands on somatics sessions, group movement (exercise) classes, corporate workshops, guest speaking (about the science behind Clinical Somatic Education and its effectiveness to align, balance and heal the body) and private execise lessons.

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